The photographic collection

Since its creation in 2010 and ten editions, Planches Contact Deauville has led and carried a large number of photographic commissions associated with print acquisitions. Thus, in 2019, a collection of more than 750 works has been built up, which will be added to the city's collections, i.e. an average of five prints acquired for each guest photographer. Deauville's photographic collection has become the largest collection of contemporary photography in Normandy.
Planches Contact's photographic commissions have made it possible to match and restore certain aspects and identity components of Deauville. An initial grouping by theme allows us to measure all the subjects treated, the approaches of the guest photographers and the diversity of the photographic collection of the City of Deauville.

Faces of the city & Portraits (20)
Lise Sarfati, David Armstrong, Charles Fréger,
Brian Griffin, Namsa Leuba, Kate Fichard, Marion Poussier, Kristine Thiemann, Paolo Verzone, Vasantha Yogananthan, Françoise Huguier, Liz Hingley, Franck Hédin, Julia Vogelweith, Jean-Charles Remicourt-Marie, Alisa Resnik, Chau Cuong Le, Carole Bellaïche, Riverboom and Larry Fink.